Welcome to West Sugar Land Little League

Welcome to West Sugar Land Little League!  We have been providing opportunities for boys and girls from age 4 to 13 to have fun and learn baseball since 1993.

Baseball is a fantastic sport that can reinforce in our children so many important fundamentals we try as parents to instill – discipline, respect, sportsmanship, cooperation, persistence, and perseverance.  It offers opportunities to strive for individual and team goals and requires physical as well as mental participation.  Our goal is to create opportunities for all skill levels to have a LOT of fun, make some new friends, and experience some personal and team successes.

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Spring 2016 Champions

MP-AAA Varsity Majors Intermediate


Ready to Help?  Board of Directors Nominees for 2016-17

Nominations for the 2016-2017 Board of Directors is now open.  Your Board Members are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the league - fields, uniforms, schedules, equipment, events, you name it!  If you have a passion for our recreation baseball community or have seen someone who would be a great candidate, please complete the brief Nomination Form.  Voting and results will occur at our Annual Meeting the week of June 12th.

MOUND GEMS - Outstanding Pitching Performances

Neev Vyas
(INT Royals)
Complete Game No Hitter  March 22

Cade Climie
(INT Royals)

Complete Game No Hitter  April 22

Reef Joubarani
(VAR Red Sox)

Complete Game  April 29



GOIN' YARD - Spring 2016 Homerun Board


Harrison Golden  Royals  March 24
Harrison Golden (2)  Royals  March 29
Cade Climie  Astros  April 15
Shane Liles  Athletics  April 23
Cade Climie (2)  Astros  April 29
Harrison Golden (3)  Royals  April 29
Shane Liles (2)  Astros  May 3
Harrison Golden (4)  Royals  May 6
Cade Climie (3)  Astros  May 6
Cade Climie, 2 (5)  Astros  May 11
Marc Allen Sherman  Royals  May 12


Dallas James  Royals  March 21
Shane Liles  Astros  March 28
Cade Climie  Royals  March 28
Jordan Johnson  Astros  April 2
Carlos Durazo Jr.  Athletics  April 2
Cade Climie (2)  Royals  April 4
Harrison Golden  Athletics  April 6
Caden Hyatt  Athletics  April 6
Will Liner  Athletics  April 6
Hunter Blanchette  Astros  April 6
Dallas James (2)  Royals  April 22
Cade Climie (3)  Royals  April 22
Hampton Edwards  Royals  April 22
Jordan Johnson (2)  Astros  April 24
Shane Liles (2)  Astros  April 24
Lou Torres  Royals  April 25
Caden Hyatt, 2 (3)  Athletics  April 27
Cade Climie, 2 (5)  Royals  April 27
Hampton Edwards (2)  Royals  May 2
Carlos Durazo Jr. (2)  Athletics  May 4
Harrison Golden (2)  Athletics  May 4
Neev Vyas  Royals  May 4
Hunter Blanchette (2)  Astros  May 5
Harrison Golden (3)  Athletics  May 18
 Carlos Durazo Jr. (3)  Athletics  May 18
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